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Blair Luedke profile

Blair Luedke, MHC Intern

Message from Blair

Blair is a graduate student at Long Island University pursuing a M.S in Mental Health Counseling. She currently holds a student membership in American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) as well as American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and enjoys attending webinars exploring new interventions. She has studied different theories to help establish a framework while working with clients, including but not limited to REBT, CBT, Psychoanalytic, Reality, and different MFT modalities. Blair attained her B.S in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology from the University of Delaware. She has encouraged and led a holistic lifestyle and enjoys using her background to connect both physical and mental health to achieve overall wellness. Blair is also in the midst of her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training and aims to utilize these skills in her therapeutic practice to help strengthen client’s self-awareness. She strives to be an ambassador of holistic wellness, while connecting with others to help them to tap into their true potential, already inside of them. She believes fostering a warm and safe environment is key for her clients to feel supported and open to be themselves. Blair loves to spend time outside in the sun whenever she can, especially if it is with one of her dogs. She is an avid lover of animals and will try to pet one every chance she gets. Blair enjoys spending time in the kitchen with new recipes, and her favorite part: eating them. She gravitates towards all things’ movement: practicing yoga, dancing, and hiking, all with a smile on her face.

About Blair's practice



Weekdays 9am - 5pm










In-person available: Yes

Virtual available: Yes




Sexual Identity

Health-Related Concerns or Chronic Illness

Women's Obstacles

Migraines or Chronic Headaches









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Get to Know Blair

"Blair is an empathetic, kind clinician who is passionate about her clients' well-being and growth."

Miri Kassow - LMSW, Colleague

"Blair is known for her warmth and the safety she supplies to her clients. Eclectic in her approach she uses a slew of techniques including psychodynamic and rationality. Most of all she is accepting to her clients’ concerns."

Brian Marriott-Molloy, MHC Intern, Colleague

"Blair takes an open and thoughtful approach to therapy. She strives to create a supportive and trusting space where her clients feel comfortable exploring their thoughts and feelings with her and then working collaboratively to develop meaningful goals. "

Jill Mooney, MHC Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Blair excels in helping folks reconnect with their authentic selves. She integrates mind, body, and spirit using mindfulness amongst other tools and perspectives to highlight and strengthen clients' internal voice."

Banks Clippinger, Colleague

"Blair demonstrates enthusiasm and excitement in helping her clients. She is passionate in helping women and femme folks but is open to working with all groups of people. "

Mr. David Diaz, Colleague

"Blair is highly skilled at using a mindfulness to help guide her clients to clarity and resolution of difficult internal and external feelings. Her demeanor is warm, curious and enthusiastic. "

Artur Lebiedzinski, Colleague

"Blair establishes a clinical framework utilizing evidence-based treatment allowing her to take a direct and supportive approach to the work with clients. She aligns her passion wi feminist theory propelling her clinical practice beyond traditional therapy. "

Mr. Kyle William McEvoy, Colleague

"Blair's multidisciplinary background allows her to view a person's wellbeing across different areas of their life. She has an ability to make people feel at ease and feel supported in their therapeutic journey. "

Margaret Rau, Colleague

"Blair has a carefree spirit that portrays her openness. She is warm and welcoming. Blair puts an emphasis on creating a safe space for her clients. "

Ms. Greiny Rodriguez, Colleague

"Blair's warm and inviting energy allows for her clients to feel safe and open in their work together. She is knowledgable, passionate, and dedicated to supporting her clients through any obstacles they may encounter. "

Lisa Piccininni, Colleague

"Blair is authentic and inviting, making it clear from the moment you meet her that you can be your full self. She cares deeply about providing a nurturing environment for her clients and is passionate about working with women. "

Mx. Kate Jamison, Colleague

"Blair is a relatable, warm therapist. She is highly knowledgeable and uses a blend of techniques to help clients overcome any challenges that arise. "

Mrs. Maria Pietruszka, Colleague

"Blair's kindness, patience, and warmth speaks for itself when you are in her presence. This allows for clients to feel safe and comfortable to talk about what brings them to therapy now."

Rachel Moses, Colleague

"Blair is an enthusiastic clinician, who brings warmth and curiosity into the therapeutic environment. She is eager to continue learning, adding a fresh and updated spin on her treatment approaches. She is a delight for colleagues and clients alike. "

Ms. Cristina Shea, Colleague

"Blair is a holistic-minded therapist who values the connection between physical and mental health, creating a welcoming and safe environment for clients to be authentic."

David Stahler - Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Blair is an enthusiastic and kind clinician, with an interdisciplinary background that supports a holistic approach to therapy. She creates a safe and nurturing environment to support both the client’s physical and mental well-being."

Miles Willis - Clinical Intern, Colleague

"Blair is a passionate and highly skilled clinician whose unique interdisciplinary background supports her holistic approach to therapy. She is whole heartedly dedicated to supporting both the mental and physical well-being of her clients. "

Amanda Fogel - Clinical Intern, Colleague

From your perspective, what is coaching?

Giving prompts or ideas to help other's rationalize and find the answers within themselves.

What is the best part of the work for you?

Working with clients and building a strong therapeutic bond in order to help them reach their goals and find answers already inside of them.

Do you assign homework, activities, or readings for me to do between sessions? Why or why not?

Yes, I believe it is important to work inside and outside of sessions, in order to integrate healthy mechanisms into one's daily routine.

What led you to become a mental healthcare practitioner?

Before, I was on the route to be a Physical Therapist. I noticed the mental health barriers my patients faced that exacerbated their injuries, prolonging recovery. I aim to combine physical and mental health in my holistic approach.

From your perspective, what is therapy?

To me, therapy is a life process where one can strengthen their self-awareness to help them navigate through life, thoughts, and feelings from a healthy rational perspective.