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Madison Montalbano, LMSW

Message from Madison

Are you in the midst of a life transition? Do you have trouble putting words to your feelings or feel like it’s hard to take up space? Are you navigating romantic relationships and having difficulty setting personal boundaries? I work with people who are eager to learn more about themselves but struggle to voice their needs and have learned to keep themselves safe and connected by over-giving. Together we will work towards recognizing internalized messages from families and culture at large in order to help you locate your authentic voice and quiet the noise from outside. Through our work together, people find they feel less burdened and isolated. We reduce the power of shame by being witnessed in a compassionate and non-judgmental space. As a queer affirming and culturally sensitive therapist I aim to build a strong therapeutic relationship where you feel empowered to understand who you are and what you really want. I practice using a psychodynamic framework to guide people in exploring how their pasts are alive in the present. I incorporate somatic techniques to increase the mind-body connection. We work on identifying and practicing coping skills tailored to your needs that can be incorporated into your daily life. I am here to listen, to help make connections, and to increase your curiosity towards yourself. Feel free to reach out for a complimentary phone consultation to see if we can create the space in therapy you’re looking for!

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Get to Know Madison

How participatory are you during sessions?

I bring my authentic self into session using humor and empathy to create a space where my clients feel safe to be vulnerable. I’m engaged during the session typically asking open-ended questions and reflecting back any thought or behavioral patterns I’m noticing. I often provide psychoeducation relevant to what we’re working on and suggest coping skills that could be beneficial.

How can you tell if I am feeling stuck, unseen, or unheard?

Within a few sessions I become more attuned to my clients by noticing shifts in tone, body language, and demeanor. I do regular check-ins with my clients to see how they are feeling about our work. I create a space where my clients are empowered to offer feedback and advocate for themselves regarding their treatment. At the end of each of our sessions I do a brief check-out and summary of what we addressed in the session, giving my client the space to tell me if I’m understanding them correctly.

How can you tell if I am benefiting from working with you?

You would start to see a reduction in the symptoms that brought you into therapy. You would be more aware of your bodily sensations and what they're communicating to you, curious about your emotional experiences, speaking to yourself more compassionately, and communicating more effectively with those around you.